Consumer and Manufacturing

Use real estate as a strategic advantage to improve business performance. We leverage our expertise across geographies and service lines, our research team and our experience to provide holistic sector-focused advice to consumer and manufacturing companies globally.



From offices and distribution warehouses, to refineries and manufacturing floors, our Consumer and Manufacturing Sector Team specialises in integrating service delivery across functions on a national, regional and global scale.

Industrial and manufacturing companies represent a diverse blend of industries spanning automotive, chemicals, food and beverage, consumer goods, and aerospace and defence, among many others. They must make strategic decisions in a dynamic landscape dominated by rising production costs, increasing labour costs, and an imposing skills gap. Automated technology and innovative process improvements are changing the built environment, unleashing opportunities across business lines and the real estate spectrum.

Site Selection & Location Strategy

Make better location decisions with a holistic approach that weighs factors like labourcosts and availability, supply chain logistics, and state and local incentives.



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